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Sequence® and ValuFlo® pumps are the leaders in high efficiency and performance. Our brands are the name you can trust to provide the lowest cost of ownership. Their longevity is legendary. If overall value is the benchmark, MDM Pumps are the standard.

MDM was founded as a non-metallic pump manufacturer in 1978 by Gene Ashe, a fourth generation pump specialist.  Gene’s great grandfather sold Dempster Windmills.  His grandfather purchased Shaw Pump and Gene’s father expanded the business selling Jacuzzi and Berkeley pumps.  The same way that farm and ranching families describe what they do as being in their blood and a way of life, pumps are a way of life for the Ashe family, with a fifth and sixth generation lined up to continue business development.

The inspiration for MDM was a proprietary seal design that Gene developed to be able to offer plastic pump technology for chemical processing applications, assuring fluid purity.  With insight gained as Gene says from standing on the shoulders of his forefathers, Gene bought tooling abandoned by Purex and made the product work.  Steps to develop the patented Impenatra® seal design for use in highly corrosive industrial applications have been a guide for continuous product, process and organization development at MDM – expressed in terms of Core Values.

MDM manufactures pumps for a variety of applications.  Each pump is manufactured with quality and high standards in mind.

Knowing the quality that goes into the manufacturing of each pump, we decided to use Sequence pumps on our holding tanks.  Quality products helps ensure quality koi.

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