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About W. Lim Corporation

William started his KOI business in 1980 as a KOI wholesaler to local pet shops. Over the next few years, he expanded to building KOI ponds with his own contractor license as well as breeding and spawning KOI. With his business knowledge and interest in KOI, his company grew in 2000; W. Lim Corporation became a leading distributor of high end parts and supplies for the KOI industry. We are going forward to aquaculture and aquaponics

We are always on a quest for superior efficiency, quality and performance. William developed and engineered new, innovative items.

The Wave Super-Efficient Pumps, W. Lim’s registered trademark (Wave I, Wave II and Dragon Series) which utilizes custom Marathon motors and impellers
Bio & Mechanical Filter: The Performance Bead, The Legend and The Bio Reactor
The Amalgam UV Sterilizer and Wave UV Sterilizer (Patent # 7767978)
Vortex Micro Strainer, Settlement Tank
W. Lim Corporation is committed to providing professional, helpful “One stop shopping” which will help reduce upfront costs as well as overall operating costs. Our ultimate goal is to help you or your customer to create crystal clear water in an energy efficient manner. Our services include architectural design or consult, high efficiency pumps of superior quality, minimum restriction filters and the strongest UV light in today’s market and many other quality items. From 1,200 to 30,000 gallons and beyond, we can help!

We look forward to helping you and your customer to create a beautiful KOI pond or water feature you will enjoy for many years!

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