100% Pure Praziquantel by Wholesale Koi Farm

Wholesale Koi Farm Praziquantel to treat for flukes and internal tapeworms in goldfish, koi and other pond fish. You will find various recommendations on the use of Praziquantel.  Research has taught us at Wholesale Koi Farm that one treatment at the correct dosage. If you only treat your pond once it is like taking only half of the medicine recommended by a physician.

  • Using pure Praziquantel is the best way to treat parasites and eliminate parasites that affect koi fish.
  • 100% Pure Praziquantel, No Fillers, No added Medications!
  • Koi Fish flukes are known to cause deadly ulcers, body sores and bacterial infections on the fish in your pond, especially koi.
  • Pure Praziquantel is an excellent treatment for internal tape worms in goldfish, koi and pond fish.
  • 100% Pure Praziquantel by Wholesale Koi Farm is the safest koi pond treatment for fluke parasites!
  • When treating, remove any activated carbon from your pond/filter.

Wholesale Koi Farm Praziquantel

Is 100% Pure Praziquantel with no fillers and has no other medications added!

Our Praziquantel is for internal and external parasites on freshwater and marine fishes along with koi fish.  Our Praziquantel is safe for use on sharks, rays, and catfish.  DO NOT USE ON INVERTEBRATES OR IN REEF TANKS.

Fluke are a main cause of death, diseases, deadly koi ulcers, body sores and bacterial infections in koi and pond fish.  Praziquantel is a known safe pond treatment for flukes at an affordable price.  Wholesale Koi Farm Praziquantel will not stress your koi pond fish or set back your pond filter like other fluke treatments.

Skin Flukes:

For skin flukes, 1 treatment is often enough. Body flukes reproduce by giving birth to live young, one dose of Praziquantel usually kills both adult and juvenile skin flukes. If you have a particularly bad outbreak, a second treatment is recommended

Gill Flukes:

For body flukes, at least 2 treatments are need, spaced 4 or 5 days apart. Gill flukes reproduce by laying eggs, and like most parasites, their eggs are immune medications. This means that the first treatment will only kill the adult and juvenile flukes, but not the eggs. The second treatment is needed, usually after 4 or 5 days, to kill next generation of flukes once they hatch.

Recommended dosage and treatment:

  • 50 Grams for each 2,000 gallons (External parasites)
  • ¼ teaspoon absorbed by 100 grams of food (Internal parasites)