DeChlor & More Dry Concentrate

Instantly removes Ammonia, Chlorine, and Chloramines

Benefits of DeChlor & More™:

• Improves the efficiency of your pond filter by removing toxic ammonia
• Compatible with all pond and fish medications
• Protects your fish from harsh chemicals added to your “tap water” by your local water department
• Does not contain deadly Zinc
• Will not harm the beneficial bacteria in your pond filter
• Very, Very Economical
• Safe for Pets, Plants, Wild Life and Pond Keepers

Note: The Chloramines in your “tap water” are made up of chlorine and ammonia. If you use a DeChlor that only removes the chlorine, yes, it will destroy the chloramines, however, it will leave all the toxic ammonia in your pond water.

One level scoop 1.5 oz. (enclosed) treats 353 gallons
2lbs. treats 7,530 gals. 5 lbs. treats 18,825 gals.

Mix with 2-3 gallons of pond water, distribute evenly around the pond.
Dosage can be increased situs slot online terbaik to remove greater amounts of ammonia.

Add DeChlor & More™ BEFORE you add fresh water tap water to your pond.


Two Pounds:
Treats 7,530 gallons

Five Pounds:
Treats 18,825 gallons