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Aqua Ultraviolet has designed solutions that provide cutting edge technology and efficiency to our users. We proudly offer innovative new products striving to make technology simple for all of our customers, distributors, dealers and consumers alike.

Life depends on water, and now more than ever, business does too. For over three decades Aqua Ultraviolet has been the premier manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers and bio-mechanical filtration.

Our factories are located in Temecula, California where all of our products are created, tested and manufactured. Our centralized manufacturing facility allows us to engineer and customize designs for our customers to fit any application.

We are proud that our products are 100% Manufactured in the USA in our facilities in Southern California.

Our Products enable our Customers to achieve their water quality objectives with eco-efficient solutions that reduce and recover costs, energy and space.

We take pride in delivering Top Quality personalized connections with our customers, working together to problem solve and find the best solution for their projects and applications.